We soldered Robo insects and cast snakes from latex and foam. We burned our hands with acid, conjuring over a galvanic solution. We launched a salad into space. We furnished the interiors of miniature locks and sat behind the wheel of giant walking Krakens. Now, we want to tell you about it! But even more, we want to hear your story about how you glued paper bird’s claws and tails, made metal fish breathe fire, and sewed satin lakes to fur fields.

Backstagy.com is an online magazine about filmmaking crafts, experiments, technologies and people making magic. Our community brings together prop makers, puppeteers, fx makeup artists, costume designers. We love to share the expirience with like-minded people.

You can fill out the form below or send your story directly to  story@backstagy.com If your project matches the theme of “Backstagy”, we will contact you to clarify the details and decide whether it should be an interview, a longread or a podcast. The designers and stage crafters from different parts of the world will see the publication. 

At the moment, the site is maintained in two languages – English and Russian. However, if you speak another language such as French or Italian, we can embed your text as well. If you need a translation, you can use the services of our translators. To do this, send your story to  translate@backstagy.com and we will discuss the cost in a response letters. 

Backstagy Shop is a showcase of our authors. Here you can find the workpieces and materials such as silicone, paints, transfer pads for fx-makeup, etc., as well as the props already played in the movie (or on Stage): weapons, masks, decorations. We do not sell things online. You can contact the seller to clarify the details, ask about the possibility of discounts, exchanges, and delivery
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Feel free to e-mail us –  info@backstagy.com