Francheska Nekrasova

Hey! My name is Francheska Nekrasova. I’m a stage designer, prop maker, and fx-makeup artist, as well as the CEO of I know how often an art project becomes a big adventure and I always wanted to share this experience. Over time, I realized that I’m not alone in this need. So I created this site. Here’s how it works: you send a description of your project with the photos on E-mail:

If your project matches the theme of “Backstagy”, we will contact you to clarify the details and decide whether it’s an interview, a story or a podcast. The designers and stage crafters from different parts of the world will see the publication.

You can also add me on Facebook, Instagram or I’m always glad to meet like-minded people.

Welcome to Backstagy!

Stagecrafter Backstagy
Internship at Handmade Parade ‘2016