Backstagy Shop is a showcase of our authors. Here you can find the workpieces and materials, such as silicone, paints, transfer pads for fx-makeup etc., as well as the props already played in the movie (or on stage): weapons, masks, decorations. You can contact the seller to clarify the details, ask about possibility of discounts, exchanges and delivery.
Suitcases of any colors and sizes, movie props from “Save Stalingrag”. Located in St. Petersburg, Russia. You can buy or rent them. For more information, please feel free to e-mail
Stop-motion heros
Mr. Deer is a short stop motion animation. It won many prizes and screened in many famous film and animation festivals all over the world. It has unique 11 puppets. Every puppet made by hand with precise artistic methods: ball and and socket armature, silicone head, neck, ears, hands and shoes (all silicone parts can move and animate), fabric clothes, eyes (animation)
Each puppet is about 30 centimeters. Price: $1105. Autor — Mojtaba Mousavi
Vinyl film
Textured vinyl film like snake skin was purchased for tight props. Also used for decorating appliances and furniture. The film has high wear resistance and will last longer than genuine leather.
In stock 3 cuts 130×70 for 4€ per cut. Located in St. Petersburg, Russia. For any questions ask Francioran.